Shoppingland: Top Halloween Gifts At Disneyland This Season

Top Halloween Gifts At Disneyland This Season

Every season Disneyland reinvents it’s souvenir shops with innovative new products to purchase. For many guests Halloween offers the best gifts and souvenirs, and many people have been known to venture into the park just to find these special items. Below is a list of the best products Disneyland has to offer this Halloween. Happy shopping.

[Above: Madame Leota Decorative Chest $49.95]

Tomb Sweet Tomb Coaster Set


Decorative Tombstone Set

Haunted Mansion Wine Stopper

Tomb Sweet Tomb Picture Frame

 Haunted Mansion Throw

These items can be hard to track down in the park individually, but the whole collection can be found in the China Closet on Main Street USA. Why the China Closet was selected to carry these times items bewilders me, but get them quickly before they disappear, Disneyland cast members expect the shop to change over to a Christmas theme October 13th.


Disneyland Secret: The 1313 Reference

When you go to purchase these items, take a look at their tags. Hidden among the items’ descriptions and “Not a toy!” warnings are mysterious references to the number 1313. It’s on the tag for every one of these items, but what does it mean? Well, if you have ever had to use Disneyland’s official address you know it’s 1313 Harbor Blvd., and the number is a reference to that historic address. But the mystery goes deeper.

Walt himself requested that address when he built his theme park among sprawling orange groves in 1955, and ever since then rumors about the meaning behind the numbers have ranged from paranoid ideas about the Masons to obscure numerology references. But the real reason he picked that address has to do with Walt’s favorite business partner, Mickey Mouse. What is the 13th letter of the alphabet? There are two 13’s in the address, so put those two letters together and try to think about who’s’ initials they form.

Examine the tags on your favorite Halloween souvenir this season and see if you can find the hidden 1313 reference.

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