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Main Street Station

Main Street Station

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Things To Do At Disneyland 2013As a kid I spent many a summer running amuck on Tom Sawyer Island; climbing giant rocks, exploring spooky caves, and keeping watch in the towers of Fort Wilderness. It was, for many years, my favorite place in the world to be. After becoming an adult I no longer saw a reason to return to the original “Magic Kingdom”, it never occurred to me that adults could have as much fun there as kids. And then one day a group of friends convinced me to return to my childhood haven, and my eyes were opened for ever. Walt Disney designed this place to awaken the kid in every adult as much as the spirit of adventure in every kid. He wanted a place that “kids” of all ages could enjoy together. And after only a few minuets inside the park I realized what I had been missing for much of my adult life. I purchased an annual pass that day, and started returning to the park with my dedicated group of cohorts as often as our time allowed.

Soon I became fascinated with the rich history of the park and its’ designers, and started seeking out the layers upon layers of secrets it holds. You can spend a three-day weekend and experience all of the park’s attractions, but it could take a lifetime to really see everything Disneyland has to offer. One day while walking around New Orleans Square with a group of friends I started a conversation about how sad it was that so many people would spend thousands of dollars to visit this park and never even see the many wondrous things we were taking for granted; the thousands of secret histories, hidden stories, and secret activities that only people in the know could experience. Sure, all of these things are laid out in the open for every guest to enjoy, but people rushing from one crowded ride to the next often miss all the amazing details that truly make this park a special experience. One of my friends said that I should write a book about these things, and let those who didn’t have the time to explore the park like we did in on the things they were  missing. And so the idea of my book was born, and I set out to let the rest of the world in in the magic we are privileged enough to experienced in this park regularly.

My latest book Things To Do At Disneyland 2013 is now available for sale at most major online retailers. I set out to create the most complete travel guide to Disneyland available. In it I cover attractions, shows, restaurants, shopping and every other aspect of the park. Hundreds of insider tips and secrets let you in on the information only seasoned adventurers and park creators would know. And because I wrote it for both first time visitors and seasoned travelers, this book truly has something for everyone. I offer expert advice on everything from preparing for your trip to parking in less publicized lots. Helpful maps to attractions, restaurants and shops point out the places you won’t want to miss. And my large use of cross-links allows you to easily navigate straight to the information you want. My detailed specialty guides tell you everything you need to know about Disney pin trading, Vinylmation, collecting pressed coins, the best photo opportunities, where to find your favorite costumed characters and many other fascinating aspects of the park. The restaurant guides recommend the best dinning experiences as well as provide you with a complete list of your dinning options and full restaurant menus. Unique shopping guides offer souvenir and gift ideas, and point out the hidden little details that make each shop interesting to explore.

At more that 550 pages, this book was two years in the making. Exhaustive research both in the park and through historical documents let to the tips, secrets and history lessons the book offers. It was a long road, but a fully enjoyable one, and I only hope my readers can get as much joy out of reading my book as I did in writing it.

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John Glass is a travel blogger, editor at SoCalSecrets.com, and author of the books “Things To Do at Disneyland” and “Things To Do at Disney California Adventure”.