Thor Attraction To Open At Disneyland November 1

Thor Attraction To Open At Disneyland November 1

Thor: Treasures of Asgard is set to open at Disneyland November 1, 2013. The Attraction will be built into the existing Innoventions building along side the current Iron Man exhibit, making it the second Marvel superhero exhibit to occupy the building. Some insiders see this synergistic promotion of the new Marvel film Thor: The Dark World as a move to continue to test the viability of creating an all-Marvel attraction in place of the curent Innoventions corporate ad booths and xbox games, but park officials still refuse to acknowledge such a plan.

The yet-to-open Thor exhibit already includes a rich backstory, centering around an Astrophysicist named Jane Foster who has an established relationship with the Norse God. Foster has been studying the cosmic bridge that allows Thor to travel between worlds known as the “Bifrost.” In this backstory she discovers that this interplanetary bridge will be reopening in Anaheim, California, inside Disneyland’s underutilized  Innoventions building. Cute to say the least, but wether die-hard comic fans will accept the painfully convenient story as canon remains to be seen.

In the walk-through exhibit guests will get to experience the “Bifrost” portal, examine many Asgard artifacts from their home planet, and eventually meet Thor himself. Personally I look forward to this new arrival, and I think any improvement to the building’s current slew of General Electric and Microsoft advertisement booths is a welcome change to the rapidly deteriorating and often ignored Innoventions building. And who knows, a successful Thor exhibit may even lead to a full-scale Marvel invasion of the building in the coming years.

[Update: There appears to be some confusion surrounding the actual opening date of the attraction. While the official Disney Parks Blog lists the attraction opening on November 1, the Marvel facebook promotions page ( and other news outlets sugests it will open October 26. After going straight to the source (a call in to Disney corporate), the official opening day for the attraction is still November 1. That is not to say that some sort of soft opening or privileged access wont occur earlier on October 26, but the Disneyland park is guaranteeing an opening for all guests on November 1.]

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