Countdown To The 10 Greatest Secrets At The New Market House: #9 Free Coffee Refills Are Gone But Not Forgotten

Secrets of the Land

The historic Market House has been a Disneyland icon since the park’s opening in 1955. After a massive refurbishment in 2013 the café once again opened it’s doors to guests. Striking a balance between tradition and new functionality on Main Street, the refurbishment introduced many new elements to the building while holding on to may of it’s historic ones. So please join me as I explore the Countdown To The 10 Greatest Secrets At The New Market House.

Former Market House Menu

Former Market House Menu

#9 Free Coffee Refills Are Gone But Not Forgotten

Up until the 2013 remodel guests could always count on an unlimited supply of the park’s famous Disney Roast coffee. You purchased a single cup of coffee anytime durring your visit and you could get free refills all day long. You didn’t even need to save your cup, just produce your receipt and you got free refills in a fresh cup any time you wanted. But after Starbucks moved in the tradition ended, and the free refils that guests had enjoyed for decades disappeared.

Could Unlimited Coffee Refills Return?

The removal of this tradition that had lasted since the park’s opening in 1955 upset many Disneyland guests. When news of the policy change hit loyal market-housers a ferver of outrage and rebellion hit the internet. Guests started campaigning against the change, and although the free refill program did end these protesters still had an impact, causing further discussion among Disney executives over the policy change. Many of the protest sites are still up and running, and although Disney officially denies any plans to restore the free refill policy the guests that run these sights are still hopeful. With Starbucks taking over the coffee sales in the Market House a return of unlimited free refills seems unlikely, but you never know. It is possible Disneyland will eventually give in to tradition or even consumer demand and start offering the free refills at another location in side the park.

Join The Struggle

The real secret here is that these protest groups are still up and running, and determined to see the free refills return to the park. If you are interested in this fight I highly suggest you join the Facebook group Save Free Coffee Refills at Market House Disneyland who are still around today keeping the fight alive.

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