Disneyland Makes Getting Questions Answered FUN!!!

Ask Otto

Since the summer of 2012 Otto the friendly robot has been offering quick answers to guest’s questions at the Disneyland Resort. Simply call the number below and the friendly robot will pick up right away and ask you what you need. The whole thing gets adorable when he pauses for a moment and starts humming his favorite Disney tunes while he thinks about your question. And he seems to never run out of different tunes to hum.

Otto can quickly and conveniently give you attraction wait times, current Fastpass return times, and even help you decide on a place to eat based on where you are already and what type of food you’re in the mood for. And if he can’t answer your question directly he will pass you over to one of his human colleagues who can.

I found this relatively new customer service system very fast, accurate, effective, and easy to use. But most importantly, it makes getting automated information fun. Otto’s quirky personality shows through in every call, and I felt like I was talking to a Disney character rather than an impersonal machine as I asked my questions.

Now the only thing that would improve on this system is an Otto smart phone app that allows you ask Otto questions through a text interface directly over 4G for free, which would be much easier and more accurate than current Disneyland apps that simply push crowd sourced info to your phone. Being able to interact with Otto is great. Being able to interact with him through an App that does not require you to try to listen over your phone amidst all the distracting noises in the park would be even better. Disney Interactive? Hello? Any takers?


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John Glass is a travel blogger, editor at SoCalSecrets.com, and author of the books “Things To Do at Disneyland” and “Things To Do at Disney California Adventure”.