Disney Developing Emotion Sensing Robots To Place In Theme Park Attractions


Autonomatronics at D23 Exbo

Autonomatronics, the next stage in Audio-Animatronics development  features robotic characters that can hear, see and sense whether or not guests are in the room. The machines can also hold conversations with guests and react to them, as well as estimate the number of guests in the crowd around them. And, most importantly, they can sense if you are smiling or not, allowing them to assess your emotional state. Unveiled at the D23 expo in 2009, development of this technology continues today with plans to implement it in park attractions.

Up until now the decades old Audio-Animatronics technology could only repeat pre-programmed shows over and over again. This next stage in Disney robotics development, Autonomatronics, is driven by sophisticated cameras and sensors giving the robot the ability to make choices about what to say and do based on guests’ behaviors.

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John Glass is a travel blogger, editor at SoCalSecrets.com, and author of the books “Things To Do at Disneyland” and “Things To Do at Disney California Adventure”.