Countdown To The 10 Greatest Secrets At The New Market House: #7 The Cast Iron Stove

Secrets of the Land

The historic Market House has been a Disneyland icon since the park’s opening in 1955. After a massive refurbishment in 2013 the café once again opened it’s doors to guests. Striking a balance between tradition and new functionality on Main Street, the refurbishment introduced many new elements to the building while holding on to may of it’s historic ones. So please join me as I explore the Countdown To The 10 Greatest Secrets At The New Market House.

Cast Iron Stove

Cast Iron Stove

#7 The Cast Iron Stove

The cast iron stove that sat in the Market House for decades has returned with the cafe’s reopening. The stove used to sit in the center of the cafe, in a central open “social circle” area surrounded by chairs and a railing. In the early days of the park you could spot different costumed characters sitting in the chairs around the stove having conversations for the benefit of the guests around them.

Rumor has it that this stove was a genuine restored antique included in the cafe to give the room more historical authenticity.  Disney imagineers recognized the significance of the stove and included it in their redesign of the building.

The stove now sits in the elaborately decorated Book Nook dinning room next to the main room in the Market House. Look for it near the north wall of the Book Nook with a small two person dinning table between it and the wall.

The cast iron soldier that sits on top of the stove has been a guest-favoriate for years. Be sure to take a look at him when you visit the stove.

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