Countdown To The 10 Greatest Secrets At The New Market House: #6 What Year Is It Anyway?

Secrets of the Land

The historic Market House has been a Disneyland icon since the park’s opening in 1955. After a massive refurbishment in 2013 the café once again opened it’s doors to guests. Striking a balance between tradition and new functionality on Main Street, the refurbishment introduced many new elements to the building while holding on to may of it’s historic ones. So please join me as I explore the Countdown To The 10 Greatest Secrets At The New Market House.

since 71

#6 What Year Is It Anyway?

Take a good look some of the Starbucks themed logos found in windows throughout the Market House building. You may notice one logo that states “Batch Roasting Coffee Since Seventy One.” But “Seventy One” what? 1971? 1871?

The logo was deliberately created (through a joint effort between Disney and Starbucks) to give the Market House makeover a distinct Starbucks flavor while retaining the historic building’s late 1800’s feel. The century was left off of the year to give the illusion that you are in a late-1800’s coffee shop founded in 1872. Guests are now free to imagine that the Starbucks company (that actually started in 1971) is in existence way back in 1871, the century in which you are visiting the Market House.

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