5 Things I LOVE About My Collectable Grizzly Peak Canteen from California Adventure


In addition to looking great and being fun to use, this canteen is also very functional. I plan on bringing it with me to every future theme park visit. Here are 5 things I love about this most-useful of collectable Disney cups:

1) You can bring it on attractions.
The seals on this canteen work really well, so you don’t have to worry about spills or leaks. And you no longer have to worry about finishing your drink before you board an attraction. Simply screw the lid back on anytime you want, and you are all ready to board. Then continue drinking after you exit the attraction.

2) It’s really easy to empty, clean, and refill.
The canteen has 2 screw-on lids stacked on top of each other, one with a smaller opening for drinking, and one with a very large opening. Unscrewing this larger lid makes it very easy to fill or empty the canteen. And it’s a breeze to clean between drinks: Just open the large lid and fill about 1/4 full of water from a tap or drinking fountain, close the lid and shake vigorously, and then open the large lid again to dump. All clean!

3) The bottom is completely flat.
I’ve seen other canteens of this deign have a rounded bottom, which means it falls to it’s side when ever you set it down. But this canteen’s flat bottom lets it sit completely upright. Great for setting down while filling and placing on a table while you eat. It also makes it easier for the kids to use, so they don’t have to hold it upright the whole time.

4) Snaps
A snap on the canteen’s belt-loop makes it very easy to attach and remove the canteen from your belt. Instead of having to partially remove your belt to add the canteen, you can simply unsnap the loop, place it over your belt, and then snap it into place. Other snaps on the cloth canteen cover make it really quick and easy to pull the canteen out for a drink, refill, or to make room on crowded attraction.

5) It’s exactly the right length for a standard disposable Disneyland straw.
Drinking soda from a straw is a lot easier than stoping, raising the canteen above your head, and dumping it’s contents into your mouth as you walk around the park. I like to grab a straw from the concession stand and place it inside my canteen before closing the lid. If placed inside the canteen at a slight angle it fits perfectly, allowing the lid to close over it. And when you open the lid again you can easily grab the straw and start drinking, it doesn’t fall down into the canteen. Perfect engineering!!

INSIDER TIP: FILL DIRECTLY FROM THE SOFT DRINK FOUNTAIN!! The canteen comes with one free fountain drink, and you are given a SMALL disposable drink cup to use for this free drink. But the cup is so small that it only fills 1/2 the canteen, and filling the cup first and then pouring it into the canteen looses half the carbonation. Instead pull the canteen out of the cloth case, open the large lid, place under the fountain, and fill directly.

The Grizzly Peak Canteen can be found at Refreshment Point, the small outdoor beverage stand outside Humphrey’s Service & Supplies (Grizzly Peak Airfield, DCA).

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John Glass is a travel blogger, editor at SoCalSecrets.com, and author of the books “Things To Do at Disneyland” and “Things To Do at Disney California Adventure”.