Disney Parks Glossary

Any major activity that guests are invited to do in the park – such as rides, interactive activities and performances.
The raised mound of dirt that encircles the Disneyland park, constructed to keep the outside world from detracting from the magical land that is built inside.
Cast Member
Theme park staff are referred to as cast members rather than employees, janitors, cashiers, etc. The idea behind this is that every job at a Disney theme park is a performance and all staff in the park are fulfilling a dramatic roll in order to provide guests with a magical experience. Sometimes cast members are referred to by the abbreviated “CMs”.
Central Plaza
Large circular plaza in the center of Disneyland that breaks off into paths to the park’s other themed lands. Also referred to as the “Central Hub” and “Plaza Hub”.
Any visitor to a Disney theme park is called a guest, meaning everyone will be treated like a welcomed guest at Mickey’s home.
The line guests wait in to see or board an attraction.


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John Glass is a travel blogger, editor at SoCalSecrets.com, and author of the books “Things To Do at Disneyland” and “Things To Do at Disney California Adventure”.